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The beginning: as remembered by Ben Jenkinson

During the years of 1973, 74 & 75 I was stationed in Shreveport, LA while serving in the US Air Force. During this time I restored a 29 Ford Coupe. My wife and I joined the local antique car club. This was the "ARK-LA-TEX ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAR ASSOCIATION". This club is still going today and now has a museum in Shreveport and a web page on the Internet. We made a lot of friends through the car club and really enjoyed the activities the club was invloved in.

In September of 1975 I was transferred to Myrtle Beach AFB. We put the little Ford on the trailer, said goodbye to friends and headed for South Carolina. When we came through Conway, Earl Jordan saw the car on the trailer and followed us to my in-laws home on Hwy 90. Earl was in the process of restoring a 29 Ford and was interested in the color of paint I had used on my car. He asked me if I would wait there until he could run home and get his wife, so she could see what the paint combination would look like. Things were looking up; we were in the county less than one hour and had already made friends with an "old car nut". Within a week I had met two more, Edgar Woodward and the late Bill Little stopped by the motel where we were staying. We had a good chat about old cars. After being here a couple of weeks I met Wilson Cain and he and I started to talk about the fact that there seemed to be a lot of interest in old cars but there was no club in the area. We talked to Earl about this and he was of the same opinion. After talking about it for several months we decided to get moving on forming a club.

I told Wilson that if he would find us a place to meet, I would put an ad in the Sun News and see what interest we could generate. Wilson called me a couple of days later and said that he had reserved the Santee Cooper meeting room for the night of Jan. 12th. He also informed me that I was to meet him and Mr. Ashby Ward at a radio station so that we could make a tape about the new Car Club we were forming. We made the tape and the station ran it several times a day. We also put out some flyers asking those people who were interested to contact Earl Jordan in Conway, Wilson Cain or Ben Jenkinson in Myrtle Beach. I just located one of these old flyers and I can't believe we didn't list a phone number on the thing.

The meeting went real good with 45 people in attendance. We quickly realized that we did not need to talk about interest in a club, we just needed to form one. That is what we did.

While only a few of us were involved prior to the Jan. 12th meeting, that was not the case from then on. Much hard work was done by lots of fine people to get the club off and running. We applied for and received a charter for the "CHICORA ANTIQUE CAR CLUB Inc". The CHICORA name was suggested by charter member James Goldfinch. " The Club later joined the AACA and became the Chicora Region). We had a good first year and ended it with a steak dinner and the presentation of "Charter Member Certificates" to the original members.

When I started to do this paper for the club history I didn't know that my wife had preserved the clippings from the Sun News about our first meeting. She also came up with notices of the first couple of meetings. My thanks to her. I can only take credit for the original poster. I am proud of the part I played in helping get the club organized and I hope it will continue for many years to come.

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